loneliness: a bitter, wretched companion.
  The first time he'd held her hand, it felt better than anything had ever hurt. -  


Girl power:

6. Tris Prior ~ Divergent

"Everyone knows where they belong. Except for me."

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You’re not the only one with special gifts.

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xmen   pretty  

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do u know how hard it is to love a character that’s an asshole on a regular basis knowing that they’re an asshole and they’ve done asshole things but whenever u look at them u are just like. wow. u asshole. i love u. but u. are an asshole

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I had  w i n g s once, and they were  s t r o n g. They could carry me above the clouds and into the headwinds, and they never faltered. Not even once. But they were stolen from me.

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hacelgrace's f o l l o w f o r e v e r


this is a little thank you to all my favourite blogs; you never fail to make me smile :’)

i’m so glad you are here to make my dashboard a beautiful place ♥

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無印良品 縦の家

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(Sirius Black at 2am in the Gryffindor dormitory)

That description.

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follow my tumblr not your dreams

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go,  l i v e  your  d r e a m .

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VA/BLOODLINES MEME » of 7 characters

Lissa Dragomir. 

Everybody thinks they know who i am. 

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“Human beings as a whole cannot be good for long before the bad creeps back in and poisons us again.”

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